First post :)

Hi guys

so this is my first blog and as you’ve probably guessed I’m ashbot so hey 🙂 and I thought I’d start by introducing the other half of the team, Sparki.


Sparki is an arcbotics robot which offers a really good intro to programming. He has an led, buzzer, grippers, ultrasonic range finder, stepper motors, lcd screen, bluetooth chip, remote control and so much more..the crazy bot can even draw!!…the arcbotics website can tell you so much more.

I was a total n00b to programming but now I feel quite confident, and in my actual job I help others learn with Sparki too. I think this little guy is awesome and as I’m totally geeky over it I thought I’d document my progress as a blog. I will upload code examples and videos of the capabilities of this guy and I hope you all enjoy 😀

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