Mobile Robotics Course

I recently completed a course from Open2Study, Australia’s answer to the UK’s Open University, in Mobile Robotics.
Although this course is not accredited the content is good. It started pretty basic and I thought “hey this is going to be easy!” but I would not have been able to answer the quiz questions without using the content itself, especially for some of the more complex concepts.
The course moves through four areas:
  • robot application
  • robot locomotion
  • robot sensing
  • robot control

I found that the topics covered flowed well into one another and the overview was good for someone with no experience like me. I found the robot control topic the most interesting of all and particularly applying what I was learning to the way that Sparki works such as, the sequences of command.


The most basic topic was the robot application but it was still interesting to explore robotics in a variety of fields.
The course uses a lot of examples with realistic robots including Sparki’s big brother Hexy the Hexapod and the LEGO Mindstorms equipment.

Hexy the Hexapod
                        Hexy the Hexapod

I would really recommend this free short course if you have an interest in robotics but if you are experienced it may be too basic for you.


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