DARPA robotics challenge HUBO wins!!!


I woke up this morning to find my favourite candidate for the DRC had won!! Go Hubo!!

_83468483_kaistgettyAs part of the challenge the competing robots had to complete an obstacle course and complete various tasks including drive a car, walk up steps and over rubble and drill a hole.  This is all in order to eventually have a fully functioning team of robots capable of providing relief and support in disasters and situations too dangerous for humans. In these situations the robots will need to operate autonomously due to poor communication signals during most disasters, and will need to be prepared for may situations and eventualities.

To complete these tasks in the final round the robots were untethered, as obviously in a disaster zone it is unlikely a robot will be able to be tethered. This did lead to plenty of hilarious falls:

The robots also only had intermittent connectivity with the programming team, to simulate the real life emergency situations they might one day be needed for. This meant that parts of the course were autonomous.

Bearing all this in mind, HUBO managed to complete the course in just 45 minutes! 15 minutes short of the time limit for the final round.

I am very excited to see the future developments made by this robotics team!

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