Will robots learn to read??

Today I spent my whole travel time reading Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin.

I’m really enjoying this manga series, but I do often prefer to read than to watch so I’m naturally more of a manga than an anime fan.

This got me thinking, what with the huge developments made in programming, software, engineering and robot technology, can robots be programmed to learn to read? So, naturally, I googled robots learning to read, which was disappointing!

But this did lead to more questioning, if robots can be programmed to read could they then mark the book against certain criteria to decide if the book was good or not?

I think this is flawed personally as reading books, comics,  manga whatever links to our inherently human emotions making us happy or sad, excited or scared and so to mark this on a measurable scientific scale would be too difficult. But maybe if artificial intelligence continues to grow and expand then perhaps robots of the future could be reading Mobile Suit Gundam wishing they could grow up to be like him…or maybe robots will prefer books about humans…who knows?

robot reading
This book really tugs at the heart strings!!


  1. Well, to start off I think that with the right amount of time, and programming put into the right plan, maybe this could actually happen in the future.

    Or maybe not, since we don’t really need a ‘robot’ that could read for us, since we can read ourselves.
    But, maybe that would be useful for people with a disability.

    Are you perhaps planning on creating such hardware and then programming it to read? Just wondering ;-P

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