Innorobo Event in Lyon

So the Innorobo event started yesterday in Lyon, and I wish I could go to something like this! It looks amazing!

For those that don’t know its an exhibition event focused solely on robotics. In the past this was mainly industrial, but more recent events have also seen social and domestic robots as well. This year Pepper has stolen the show, but who couldn’t see that one coming? It is awesome!

Despite all the amazingness, what saddens me is that this is Europe’s biggest robotics event of its kind…and compared to something like MCM expo or even other tech events like Mobile World Congress, this event is TINY!  This is basically the entire thing:


It seems like comparatively few resources and development programs appear to be participating in events like these to celebrate and share ideas about building, testing, developing and creating usable, functioning robots, that could be shaping our world. Or maybe there are just few companies or individuals currently developing. Or maybe the cost to enter is too great for smaller companies. I just think that we should be investing in this sector a whole lot more, and it saddens me that we aren’t yet inventing the robots of sci fi from 20 yrs ago!!

At the same time, this event and its organisers are doing an amazing job of increasing publicity in these areas and showcasing latest talents. And one day, when the funding matches the need for development and more teams are employed in these sectors, I have no doubt they will be competing for places at events like these and Innorobo will be much larger.

For now, the place might be small, but the level of innovation is huge!!


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