Spider-man Quiz using JSfiddle

So today I looked over at the magical code written by codingjuice from when they adjusted my earlier attempted javascript quiz.

I looked at what had been done and the JQuery that had been used and decided to edit this a little bit to create a quiz about one of my favourite topics- Spiderman.


The main purpose of this was to educate myself a little bit about JQuery, which I haven’t used before, having only used vanilla Javascript.

I found that it was really fun… a lot less difficult than I imagined although I was googling a lot for answers and to further my own understanding of how it works.

Also, the fact that there was a ready made JQuery quiz sitting there thanks to codingjuice made it a lot easier for me to grasp.

Overall, I left most of the content the same and simply changed the words, which obviously makes no difference at all to the code itself. But hey, at least now I know how it works 🙂 and ultimately the code that is was basing my own on was pretty darn good.

So here is the JSfiddle end result:


And here is the code that accompanies it:


I really enjoyed making this, it was much easier than working without a template and now I just need to work on making my stuff look better and less like we are still in the late 90’s lmao.

Check it out if you like Spiderman, and even if you don’t lol 🙂 🙂

Please let me know what you think!

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