Technological Advances

Just flicking through the news when I came across an opinion article you can find below:

It’s a tongue in cheek, humorous discussion of the technical mishaps that have recently been occurring, such as the jeep hack and the Ashley Madison escapade. But it also raises an important questions:

  • Are we rushing ahead to develop new tech that’s bigger and better, before we have managed to safeguard the tech that we already have and use on a regular basis?
  • Should we as a society halt the inevitable march towards new tech and try and put time, resources and effort into solving existing problems in software coding and programming?
  • Will hackers always be a threat to the technology we rely on, in other words, will code always be susceptible to hacking?
  • Is it impossible to detect where the potential technological threats will come from?
  • Can we really lay the blame on the “scrappiness of software development”?


I disagree with most parts of this article, but the questions are definitely worth reflecting on…

What do you guys think?


  1. I guess new tech is always a good thing when consumed responsibly. Though, it’s a pity my ’97 Skoda doesn’t know how to download security updates… yet. Nice stuff!

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  2. I pioneered microprocessor controlled radio technology decades ago. Then, as now, we faced a choice: Put the system online, so you could update software remotely, or get it right first time and keep the system off-line. I chose the latter and never needed to send out an upgrade. Car manufacturers have been doing the same thing with braking systems and so on for decades. This is not terrifying, it’s a learning process. Pondering the sociology of technology is futile. The only way forward is to keeping doing what we do. We are obligate technologists. Ironically, too few people understand technical fundamentals, which might explain why they are afraid of technology. THAT is scary. Technology is human nature.

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