Hey 🙂

So I’m a 25yr old geek girl with a huge interest in robots, programming, marvel (especially Spiderman), graphic novels and I also spend my free time cycling and playing computer games 🙂
But my favourite of all is the programmable robot Sparki (made and sold by Arcbotics)

DSC_0056 (1)
I’m using this blog to document my progress with programming using Sparki although Im sure some of my other robots and interests will pop up from time to time as its all just for fun 🙂

Hope you enjoy it 🙂

P.S:  If you are directed here and are a bit confused, and were maybe expecting something more personal,  I do have another blog you might relate to :  Anxious Penguin 🙂


27 thoughts on “ashbotandsparki

  1. Awesome what you’re doing here ! I recently just finished studying a Robotics unit within my Computer Science degree. Used a program called Simon quite a lot, very basic though. (awaiting results, ah!) Keep up the awesome work 😀

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  2. Neat ‘Bot, by the way. One thing that has improved over time… In my learning days there weren’t any girl geeks. (In fact, the word hadn’t even been invented.) Glad that is changing.

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  3. It is not easy to access your individual blogs beyond those five exhibited as “Recent Posts”. Perhaps you would like to increase the usability of your site by using:
    My Sites > LOOK AND FEEL > Customize > Widgets >
    (The only way that I know of for displaying the contents of your site is Googling “”)

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    • Thanks franzcalvo that is good advice 🙂 I have added a category cloud and an older posts section with drop-down arrow. I still like my static home page though…although maybe its not the best way :S


  4. Hey! I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about in most of your posts haha, but thanks for checking out my blog and following me!! 😀

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  5. hi, have you had any luck getting the i2c protocol with Sparki to work? (ie, Sda and Scl pins). I’m using the standard arduino code for my Sparki, and it runs ok, but can’t seem to communicate with the SDA and SCL pins correctly. I’ve attached an Adafruit motor driver with upgraded motors to the SDA and SCL pins, so that Sparki will have more load carrying capacity. But, so far, no luck getting the motors up and running.. PS, I’ve been rereading all of your posts on the Sparki forum. I think the sound sensor was brilliant.

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    • Hi no I haven’t actually used those pins yet…I did buy a real time clock but have since moved out and its disappeared 😦 so i havent had chance to check it out … sorry I cant be much help and sorry for the huge delay in replying!


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