Reflections on coding progress

Hi everyone

I’ve recently been thinking about the direction my coding is taking with Sparki.

When learning how to apply sensors and principles I have simply followed example codes and tried to make them more efficient, or better (imo).

More recently I have been experimenting with more complex code, fully imagined and built by myself personally, and I realise that so far my aims have covered a wide range of areas and potential applications.

I am now asking myself…what do I want Sparki to do? Rather than what could Sparki be used for?

With this alternative perspective I am realising that writing a program that you yourself want to use leads to much more in depth thought processes and analysis of the progress and code itself, and rather than just settling for the first achievement, thrilled to have cracked a puzzle, I now push harder and further to try and make the code the best it can be.

A sneak peak of some new sensors I am using with Sparki
A sneak peak of some new sensors I am using with Sparki


  1. This is the very route I’m taking in my progress in becoming familiar with Python and hopefully Java in the near future.

    While working on personal projects you have to brainstorm for new ideas, plan your idea by writing pseudo-code and algorithms, write the code, test and troubleshoot.

    In my current opinion, pursuing personal projects that challenge you in this way, along with regular reading on the topic and/or new functions that you can use in your current or future projects, is the best way to master a skill.

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