Broken Sparki…now fixed Sparki


I’m really happy today 🙂

There was an issue with Sparki’s ultrasonic range finder. It wasn’t able to read distances accurately and effectively, and on closer inspection I realised that the wires connecting the ultrasonic range finder to the main board had become loose and unconnected. And then actually, after looking at it more closely, it broke off completely!

Now, you might have noticed that Sparki is an Arcbotics robot, designed and built by Arcbotics and sold pre-built to people like me who would like to learn programming but are not particularly talented with a solder iron and a robot kit! But, needs must…

I successfully managed to re-solder the wires back to the board, although it did take 3 attempts, and is actually now quite messy!!! But at least it works again now and my Sparki is no longer broken…yey!!!

JPG (1)
my shoddy soldering skills…

I think to ensure the future safety of the connection, I won’t be using the servo to rotate the ultrasonic range finder for most of my programs, I will simply rotate Sparki as a whole to observe distances to the left and right.


  1. Are the connecting wires fairly stiff? Maybe higher gauge (thinner) and/or longer wires will allow the range finder to turn while applying negligible forces at the board. You could also try bending them or coiling them up so that they extend and retract better. Glad you fixed it!

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